Sara at age five
Me at age five

I’m an artist. I’ve been one since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I’ve filled countless sketchbooks and napkins and scraps of paper with horses, superheroes, cartoons, and all the daily décor of life.

When I was fourteen my father (also an artist), told me that my sketch didn’t have any bones under the skin. I looked at the drawing and thought, “how can a drawing on paper have bones?”

I studied and understood that everything has bones…even houses.

In 1986, I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Bryn Mawr College in Anthropology with a minor in Fine Arts. In 1990, I graduated from the University of Arizona’s prestigious Scientific Illustration program. I started teaching art soon after.

I’m a published book, magazine, and blog illustrator. I’m a plein air painter and an urban sketcher. My favorite media are pen & ink, watermedia, and pencils (both graphite and colored.)

I love color, ink marks, having smudgy fingers, and sketching old houses (because they have such good bones.)